Deck Polish Pure | 4oz

Deck Polish Pure | 4oz


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What's the point of getting rid of the hair if it's replaced by red, itchy, and bumpy irritation? Deck Polish gives the results you crave with the hydration and care that your skin needs. Deck Polish hydrates, illuminates, and restores your skin after waxing or shaving and keeps away any redness or bumpy irritation in those sensitive areas. Deck Polish replenishes skin natural emollients, soothes and calms skin immediately post wax or shave and has natural astringents tighten pores to keep bacteria out preventing ingrown hairs.

Help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation in those sensitive areas after waxing or shaving. Keep that “Oh So Smooth” feeling right after waxing or shaving! Deck Polish keeps all kitties pretty in between waxing or shaving.

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How To Use

Use Daily

PURE formula is best for fragrance sensitive skin types who have oily or acne prone skin. Use Deck Polish Original in a small amount to desired areas and massage in gently.

Recommended Areas

Use daily to hydrate all the areas you wax or shave.