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Smooth, silky skin that lasts

Waxing removes hair from the root, so it takes a longer time for hair to grow again, anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending on the individual speed of hair growth. This means your hair free, smooth skin lasts much longer and you can go for that holiday on the beach and bask in the glory of your smooth and glowing skin without having to worry about body hair showing up in the meantime.

Waxing diminishes hair growth

After repeated sessions of waxing, you will notice a much sparser hair growth, and hair growth may even stop eventually. In contrast, shaving stimulates hair growth, because it removes hair at the surface only, not at the root.

Botox & Lip Fillers

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Botox and Lip Filler Services by Izamar Purkhizer, RN of Dr. Dev Wali Integrative Plastic Surgery Med Spa.

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